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3 Benefits of Smart Snacking

If you Google “how to lose weight,” one of the most common pieces of advice that you’ll come across is to avoid snacking at all costs. But let’s take a step back: what they’re really saying is that MINDLESS eating will lead to packing on pounds. At the end of the day, mindless eating and […]

Help Us Pay It Forward With Play Like a Girl!

Thanksgiving is here, and we’re excited to keep paying it forward. We’ve recently passed our one year anniversary here at Eat Well, and are taking this holiday season to give back to the Nashville community that has given us so much! Each week for the remainder of 2017, we’ll have a featured meal on our […]

3 Self-Care Check-Ins from Local Entrepreneur Kimberly Novosel

Written by local entrepreneur + owner of VERTICITY indoor cycling studio, Kimberly Novosel. Learn more about Kimberly here. Self care can go out the window really fast when life gets hectic with work projects, social calendars, new boyfriends or babies, or any kind of change, big or small. We go into survival mode, eating what’s available […]