3 Self-Care Tips To Stay Present and Grounded This Fall

Fall can be many things at the same time: Exciting and chaotic, comforting and stressful, hot and cold. For many of us, fall is a time when we really tap into our productive energy. We buy new planners, start scheduling our days to the minute, and barely take a second to breathe (or eat). This is a time when we need self-care the most; however, it’s also usually the time we let it go by the wayside - which can affect our productivity, relationships, happiness, health, and more. During stressful times, it’s more important than ever to pause and breathe. We’re big believers in intentional downtime - which is why we’ve compiled our favorite tips for an intentional self-care practice as another way for you to fall in love with your health this season.   1. Go Into Airplane Mode When you’re spending time with family and friends, turn your phone on airplane mode. If that makes you uneasy, try putting it just out of your reach. Be present with your people. This isn’t only good for your relationships - it’s good for your brain to relieve itself from the need for constant instant gratification. It’s also a great practice to put your phone away during meals. This will not only get you to be more intentional with your food - you’ll also be able to experience your meal more fully (which will make it more enjoyable) and better practice portion control. Because why not celebrate mealtime? Just a thought!   2. Stay Hydrated As the air gets colder and ragweed pollen continues to cover the city of Nashville, it’s a great idea to start prioritizing your hydration. Staying hydrated can help you stay energetic, focused, and free of sickness. One of our favorite ways to stay hydrated? Develop a tea habit! The cool thing about tea is that you can choose specific functional blends for different purposes throughout your day. If caffeine is your thing, try swapping your morning coffee for some yerba mate, which has about as much caffeine per cup than your average joe. What they lack in caffeine, herbal teas make up for in relaxing, detoxifying, immune-boosting, and hydrating properties that can help you stay well. We’re particularly huge fans of this blend and this one for the fall! If tea isn't your thing, fear not! To combat the effects of dehydration, we’re also big fans of our neighbors over at Vida Flo. They offer IV treatments that can help you rehydrate after a bout of sickness, a heavy workout, or a night out on the town. Headache and migraine sufferers: it’s also a proven treatment to alleviate your pain! Learn more here.   3. Spend Time Outside As the days get shorter, it’s more important than ever to spend some time outside and soak up all of the vitamin D you can! Vitamin D deficiency is a serious contributor to seasonal affective disorder (otherwise known as the “winter blues”), which affects 10-20% of Americans every year, so it's no wonder that soaking up a little sun each day can keep you feeling mentally and physically resilient and help you ease seasonal depression. For all of our dog moms and dads out there, this is just another great excuse to take your furry friend out for a brisk walk for 30 or more minutes a day. Walking in the morning is an energizing way to start your day and a great way to bond with your pup. For office dwellers, try taking your meetings or breaks outside! A little fresh air can help reset your mood if you’re feeling stressed. And remember, to maximize the benefits of being outside, it’s important to be present - so minimize phone time when possible!   Well, there you have it, Eat Well Nash Pack! Self-care is extremely important during seasons of stress, so whether you're planning on taking a walk with your pup to decompress, letting us meal prep for you so you don't have to worry about grocery shopping, or embracing airplane mode for a few Facebook-free hours a week, we hope these tips help you find another way to fall in love with your health this season.   Do you have a favorite self-care tip for stress relief? Share your thoughts in the comments!  


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