The Hungry Games: Eat Well Nashville vs. Fast Food

Look, we get it: fast food is TEMPTING. It's quick, it's easy, it's cheap, and even though it usually leaves you feeling like you need a serious nap afterwards, it sure beats cooking. But here's the thing... Even though it's easy, it's greasy (goodbye, arteries). Even though it's quick, you're basically pumping your body full of sugar, fat, and a whole slew of chemically-enhanced ingredients (hence, the involuntary nap). And even though it's cheap, you're really not even getting that much bang for your buck - or that much bang for the calories. We did a little experiment to see how our food measures up to your fast food faves and, well, we've gotta say... If you've become a fast food regular, you've been totally cheated. For the same number of calories, you can dig into an Eat Well Nashville meal and have basically double (if not more) the amount of food compared to your usual grab-and-go. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself! [embed][/embed]

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